My FreeLife (FL)Upline

Keith – Master Distributor



PMA Group (Paul, Mike, Adam)


Me (Rod, Sean, John Hanlon, Howard sideline to me under Paul)

In my organization ( Susan, Sally, Tina, Dr. Pam, Scott, McArthur, Bob Gallo ) Kathy in another leg under Keith.

Links to Joan’s List ~ Pictures:

HO visit Potential:

( Timing ~ Probably not now due to her commitment to work w/ her partner in building ins. agency)


  • Joe Gentle ~ 816-820-5729 … Kansas City, Joe consults w/ companies to improve their comp plans, split with Dr. Sandy a product specialist, , Still getting FL check, working his own contract biz, roofing crews in Kansas City.


  • Steve Porter ~ 614-657-7376 … Columbus, Ohio, 64, 2 gifted/talented college age sons, Chiaki, Japanese wife, Japan connection, gave him his first job as media consultant in school I developed, one of first six people hired by Viacom International, slightly aware of Ntwk Mktg.


Follow Up Needed

(Customer)  Rod Lackie ~ 603-991-3823 … NH , 50s, Electrician, Ntwk Mktg, motorcyclist 3/24/16 – 3/w   James 

(Customer)  Kathy Martin-Nomura ~ 352-362-6473 … Tennessee , early 50s, Strong Ntwk Mktg, horses, 7th      Day Adventist, Japanese husband.  4/4/16 – 3/w Elaine

(Customer) Bob Gallo ~ 971-252-2090 … Bend, ORStrong internet and Ntwk Mktg, competitive dancing, 50

(Customer) Warren & Mary Nelson ~ Strong Ntwk Mktrs, my mentors, Warren – professorial, Mary big personality, cancer.

(Customer) Sean McKenna ~  close friend, got upset when I wouldn’t give him info to google, Ntwker,

(Customer) Diane Goodman ~ Eugene, Oregon, 60s, conservator for elder care, very sharp, network marketing skeptic , former customer of mine, good friend.

Ready to meet you, may call me back anytime, next few days:

  • John Hanlon ~ 708-803-5667 … Chicago52, owns const biz, wealthy wife, Ntwk Mktg, born again Christian
  • Lori Alpert ~ and Patrick Manley ~ 602-793-7992 ... Phoenix, internet marketers, Sunrider a number of yrs, photographic memories, skeptic of Ntwk Mktg, nutrition gurus, love great products, no children, lots of pets, Lori early 50s, Pat mid 60s.
  • Patty & Cousin Jim Drake ~ Cynthiana, KY (between Lexington- Cincinnati) power couple, no ntwk mktg experience, funeral director/owners.
  • ****Sally Shu ~ horse trainer … has horses coming up in KY Derby, formerly on my Goji team w/ FreeLife
  • Joe Gentle ~ 816-820-5729 … Kansas City, Joe consults w/ companies to improve their comp plans, split with Dr. Sandy a product specialist, , Still getting FL check, working his own contract biz, roofing crews in Kansas City.
  • Bruce Heide~ 480-529-4114 … Phoenix, 59, outside sales (maybe ins.), big personality, entrepreneurial






Left Messages:

~ (I’m Not Interested) Keith McEachren ~ 203-417-8511 … Fairfield, CT, #1Master Distributor in Freelife (Goji) Still getting sizable FL check.  Joins lots of companies, buys product, doesn’t jeopardize FL check.  Susan has closer relationship with him.

*****Tina Mott ~ 518-584-5890 … Syracuse, NY, former Ntwk Mktg under Susan, wife of top thoroughbred horse trainer, 50s biz (May be a friend of Sally’s)


Becky Murphy ~ and Charlie ~ 859-492-9000… Lexington, KY, She and her husband top realtors in KY, each has served as Pres of state Realtor Assoc.  Becky and I worked together in Ky Dept of Education,  early 60′s, husband older. Very aware of Ntwk Mktg



(I’m Not interested) Paul Kenny & Dr. Pam Richard ~ NH/VT… like a brother, PK my first mentor in Ntwk Mktg, Pam on my FL team (enrolled by Susan Saraca) Naturapath, never practiced.  In skin care company.  Paul has opened many int’l countries for Ntw Mktg companies.   Working Jennesse. Kicked out of FL.

******Adam Levy ~ 860-352-2027 … CT, highly skilled in Ntwk Mktg since he was 22 yrs old, graphic artist, early 50s, Adam/Michael tight biz partners, working
******Michael Swelling ~ 860-729-7295 … CT, highly skilled ntwkr, tenacious negotiator, super organized.
Sue Purdon & Cousin Jim Jones ~ 606-375-680 …Maysville, KY (up the river from Cincinnati), power couple, no ntwk mktg experience, fun lovingly, ways & means, Sue(56) is the driver, Jim(65) a good ‘ole boy.
**** Call 6amPT -weekday
Dave & Cousin Laura Schneider ~ Northern KY (across river from Cincinnati) power couple, no ntwk mktg experience, financial background, Dave’s brother-in-law CEO of Breeder’s Cup, early 40s
John Schiendler ~  Bellingham … 21, mgr. AT&T store near UofWA, digital wiz kid, no college, entrepreneurial.
Alice & Jack Kain ~ Lexington, KY … power couple, no ntwk mktg experience, Alice(72) childhood friend, realtor specializing in Ky baby farms in horse country, Jack(80+) owner of largest Ford dealership in Ky and the surrounding area, large tight-knit family.
Ani ~ Bellingham … early 60s, my church, caught in avalanche and walking w/ ski sticks, psychologist, character, big personality, wants to ‘show me around’ B’ham.
Linda & Sid Norris ~ 509-322-4599 … Spokane. WA 
Serena … Bellingham ,70s, my church, queen bee of The Leopold, old Bellingham
Dr. Ron Peters 
Quenton Cammon ~ 360-303-8956 … Bellingham , 37 , barber/stylist, entrepreneurial, wife an accountant, 6 children ( 3 adopted)”, my hairstylist,
Herbalife person
Beth Robeson ~           Bellingham … 60s, my church, arts, from NY
Scott Cousland
Bill & Leslie Penn
Letty Alverez ~ San Diego … Built and sold 2 mktg companies, very little ntwk mktg experience
Phyllis Warren ~ Bowling Green, KY … 72, my college roommate, she and her Mother got heavily and
successfully involved w/ Mary Kay in the 60s, 2nd runner up to Miss Teenage America, just married 3rd husband, PhD  in grief counseling, authored book on grief, has private practice.