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I am an agent for social change.  This has been a consistent theme throughout my life … personally and professionally.  I have thoroughly explored and immersed myself into the process of my current adventure with Lyoness and feel this program is in sync with who I am.  I am proud to share Lyoness with you and help you find answers to whatever questions/concerns you may have.


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Named after the mythical city of peace, harmony and prosperity – the Lyoness agenda appears to be designed to go beyond just a cash-back card and into the world of global economics, redistribution of wealth and charity funding.

  • To create the worlds largest global trading community.
  • To redistribute income and customers from the Mega Corporations back to the community at large.
  • To bring small businesses together to act as one large entity, complete with their own banking system, TV station, community resources, support and voice.
  • To help shoppers pay less for their everyday essentials whilst reward them for helping grow the community.
  • To give shoppers the opportunity to choose the kind of stores they want on board.
  • To provide schools, education, food and help for the needy through redistribution of our everyday expenses.
  • To fund and develop green solutions through redirection of a portion of our everyday expenses.

Whilst the cash-back card seems to act as the lubrication for this plan. the owner envisions a place where by power in numbers members are able to instigate global change in several arena’s.

Hence the idea of likening it to the city of LYONESS.

Lyoness is literally a revolutionary concept.
A chance at a new economic model, a redistribution of wealth out of the hands of the mega corporations and into the hands of the local community and small business. A beacon of hope for the economic future of the local store, and a shining example of charity, excellence and vision.

I am excited to be a small part of the development of Lyoness in the US.  Everything associated with Lyoness has been in concert with my core values.  I am ALL IN!

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